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Z lektury ichniego forum wynika, że zmienił się model biznesowy. Większość informatyków pracuje nie na etacie lecz na konkretne zlecenie. Podobno w ten sposób przy mniejszych kosztach rośnie sprawność ;-) No zatrudnia się ludzi w miarę potrzeby. Zresztą oddajmy głos BF:

2017 was an interesting year for us (though every year is in its own way!). As anybody who's followed us over the years knows, one of the things that's kept us going for two decades is our caution about the size and composition of full time staff. There's nothing that will put a games company, in particular, out of business faster than the wrong headcount for circumstances. Game development is a never ending cycle of "hurry up and wait" as one person has to wait for the work of another, then has to work double hard once they get what they need. This is a really difficult process to manage for both the company and the employees, but since nobody has ever figured an alternative it is what it is.

Why mention this? Well, because it's a way of explaining why 2017 was a bit slower in producing products for sale than we had expected. Based on the success of both the CMBN and CMBS Battle Packs we've shifted development to rely more upon part-time paid help on a projet by project basis. This gives us more flexibility at the expense of development speed. In our view this shift is working pretty well, however it's taking a bit of time for us to work out the kinks.

The good news is that 2018 is set to reap the benefits of 2017's development efforts. Right now we have three products in advanced stage of development:

CMFI Rome to Victory Module to bring the timeline to the end of the war
CMSF being thoroughly updated for its move to Engine 4 and all of its massive improvements over the original 2007/2009 code
CMRT Module 1 (no name announced yet) bringing the war's end timeframe for the Eastern Front
The order of release isn't nailed down as we're working on all three at once with our usual "when it's done, it's done" mindset. And because the three don't have a lot of interest overlap, we're not going to artificially hold any of these back for marketing/sales reasons. Knowing where each of these are in development, I predict they will come out pretty much right on top of each other. Relatively speaking Oczko

As stated up top, there's no screenshots to show you today. However, the mountains of artwork ready, or nearly ready, to show you definitely means screenshots are not far away. Yes, that means seeing winterized IS-2s in the bleak plains of Germany, Free French Forces moving up through Italy, and shots of the fully updated Shock Force soldier models battling it out with similarly improved NATO soldiers.

We'll keep you updated on how things are going as time progress, but as usual the first indication you'll have that something is nearing release is when preorders for it are opened up. That usually means 4-8 weeks until release. We're also not going to talk about anything else we're working on until at least 2 of the 3 are in your hands. And yes, we're always working on more than we talk about publicly

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